Reach an entire rural village for Christ by investing, over three years in a Faith Center building. Funds will also aid in children’s ministry, water well, secure toilets and bathing facilities, electric-powered rickshaw, and pastor and pastoral training.


$45,500 is the total cost to complete a village!

Project # 42.30033


Reach an entire rural village for Christ by investing, over three years in a Faith Center building. Funds will also aid in children’s ministry, water well, secure toilets and bathing facilities, electric-powered rickshaw, and pastor and pastoral training.


$45,500 is the total cost to complete a village!

Project # 42.30033


The Church of God in Bangladesh began in 1918. In 2005, Tapan Borman, national leader for the Church of God in Bangladesh, began the first child sponsorship program in the country. By 2015, Tapan had 5 child sponsorship programs around the country. There are currently 72 churches and 5,200 believers!


Tapan has a dream to open 10 new child sponsorship programs in the next 5 years!

The church sees child sponsorship as a strategic way to reach their religiously diverse communities and affect the negative perception of Christianity. Through sponsorship the church has seen Hindu and Muslim families ask for prayer from church leaders and join the church.


Tapan sees child sponsorship as an integral part of reaching Bangladesh with the hope of Christ. To be eligible for child sponsorship they need to improve infrastructure in the remote villages they are working. The goal of this project is help with the infrastructure needs for a village so they will be a prime location for a future child sponsorship program.


“Through these programs we reach out where there is no gospel reach yet.”

Tapan Borman
National leader, Church of God Bangladesh


Quick facts about Bangladesh

  • Total population: over 155 million
  • Population of capital (Dhaka): 17 million
  • Religious landscape:
    • 89% Muslim
    • 10% Hindu
    • .5% Buddhist
    • .3% Christian
  • Nearly 50% under 25 years old
  • 1/3 live below the poverty line

Images from Bangladesh

Human Trafficking in Bangladesh

Each year at least 50,000 Bangladeshi women and children are stolen and sold into the sex industry and slavery. Over the past 30 years more than 1 million women and children have become victims of human trafficking.

Part of what precipitates trafficking in Bangladesh is low wages for work. Women get around $2 and men make between $3-$4 a day for working 10 hours.

The Church of God in Bangladesh

  • 2 assemblies
  • 84 churches
  • 6125 believers
  • 1600 kids in child sponsorship programs
  • 350 families involved in programs

Many of the kids that are sponsored come from a lower class that is looked down on and seen as having little value. Child sponsorship restores that value by putting emphasis on education, nutrition, and spiritual health.


Reverend Tapan Borman has a strategy for how to approach each village by developing holistic ministry through child sponsorship. He has done this in 5 locations around the country, but he has a goal to open 10 new programs in the next 5 years. In the past, the church has been able to utilize and renovate old facilities they already owned. As they continue to expand to new villages they need to develop new infrastructure in these locations.

On the right, you will see the breakdown of how funds are spent in each village in order to create the infrastructure necessary to develop a child sponsorship program.

Cost Breakdown

  1. Purchase of property: $17,000
  2. Life Center: $9,000
  3. Classrooms: $1,200
  4. Safe bathhouses: $2,800
  5. Clean water facilities: $1,200
  6. Kitchen: $2,700
  7. Administration offices: $4,800
  8. Additional expenses: $6800

Total: $45,500 (per village)

More Information about the Village Project

Purchase of Property

In the 1930s the Church of God in Bangladesh purchased land which they still own to this day. Again in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s they bought and developed land for ministry work. These locations have been utilized for the first five child sponsorship programs. These are facilities that have served the Church of God well and are strategically located for work in Bangladesh.

All the property the church owns is being used for ministry so in order to grow the additional 10 child sponsorship programs the Church of God in Bangladesh must purchase more land. The purchase of land gives the church space to create the holistic ministry that focuses on complete care for the community from safe bathhouses to classrooms and kitchens. The properties are purchased by the Church of God in Bangladesh so that they can be utilized for the ministry of the church now and into the future.

Life Center

The Life Centers are a multi-purpose facility that can be used by the community. Its large open space can be used for community meetings or gatherings as well as worship services. It becomes the central point of the community, a location that connects people together.

The Life Center is just that; it breathes life into the community.


Classrooms offer a space to do on-going educational development. After kids return from school they can attend tutoring and continue to improve and sharpen their knowledge and skills.

Education is a priority of the child sponsorship programs that recognize the importance this investment in the lives of kids. Education is a leading factor increasing the probability that someone will be able to move out of poverty. With that in mind, these classrooms help ensure a safe and adequate place for continued learning as kids work to develop skills that will keep them from being marginalized in their society.

Safe Bathhouse/Clean Water Facilities

In remote villages, like those where the Church of God is located, there is usually a common pond where all cleaning and bathing is done. These ponds are often within the view of community. Though for young children this may not pose a problem, as kids, and especially young girls, move into adolescents these public locations can make them susceptible to abuse.

Safe bathhouses are part of each village location. They offer gender-specific bathroom and shower facilities that are accessible to kids and families at any time of the day or night.

Another important aspect of the village project is clean water facilities. Along with the bathhouses, clean water is provided so the community has the ability to access safe, potable water.


The kitchen is an important part of making sure the kids in the program receive necessary nutrition. Hunger is a real issue in many of the remote villages of Bangladesh. Nearly a third of all people living in Bangladesh live below the poverty line.

Education is an important tool, but studies show that kids learn best when they have nutritious foods. The lack of a healthy, sustainable diet negatively affects a child’s ability to learn and develop.

Administration Offices

Part of the necessary infrastructure improvements is an office for administrative records. Child sponsorship programs like Children of Promise and Compassion require meticulous records to be kept for all funds that are sent. This allows them to remain in good standing with these organizations.

Along with the requirements of the child sponsorship organizations, government requirements are also important. Though the government has been helpful up to this point, Christian organizations are looked at with suspicion, so maintaining appropriate records is vital.

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