Anticipating Kaitlin

By Colleen Stevenson, Global Strategy missionary to Uganda

Editor’s Note: Kaitlin Smith is among the six missionaries featured during Global Strategy’s 2018 impactX2 year-end campaign. She is nearing the end of her fundraising. Would you help complete the remaining need?

When Kaitlin Smith came to Uganda, for the first time on a TRI-S* nursing trip, she was so captivated and excited by what she saw and experienced that she went home changed. I believe God was calling her at that time to come and work in medical missions, and she has kept her focus on doing just that.

Kaitlin will work alongside Tim and me, in addition to a clinic management team, which consists of medical and church staff. We will support her as she adjusts and immerses herself into the Ugandan culture, explores ways medical care is administered in Uganda, and dons this new role.

Kaitlin will oversee five Church of God clinics in eastern and central Uganda and bring them up to their full potential—upgrading their standards, dealing with the growing needs of training and supervision, and expanding the networks of government aid and additional donors. Building relationships with the clinic staff on all levels is vital as it creates a happier working environment and allows trust to be built. Kaitlin’s sunny disposition will open social opportunities and generate great conversation, which is appreciated in the African culture.

We see Kaitlin’s coming as an important step in strengthening the church’s presence in the communities where the clinics are established. This opportunity is enhanced by good medical care given in the name and love of Jesus Christ.  We are excited to welcome her as part of our team.


*TRI-S is a service oriented program for students at Anderson University.


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