3WLN 4.0 Postponed


By Patrick Nachtigall, Regional Coordinator for Europe and the Middle East

Global Strategy’s Europe-Middle East region has cancelled this year’s Three World’s Leadership Network (3WLN) scheduled for April 27-May 1 in Interlaken, Switzerland due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many of the countries in the region are locked down in quarantine for the foreseeable future and are not accepting guests from foreign countries. Consequently, nothing is functioning normally and many of our young Church of God leaders would not be able to attend.

We hope to reschedule the event for the April/May 2020 time frame. An announcement will be made in the coming days.

We thank everyone involved for their patience and understanding. Please continue to pray for the countries of Europe and the Middle East. All have been affected and Europe is now called the new “Wuhan.”

We knew that God always gives the church an opportunity to shine at times like this. We are trusting that this will make us stronger and more effective at reaching and caring for people. Be the light!

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