Nicola and Suellen Answer the Call in Italy

Patrick Nachtigall, Global Strategy regional coordinator for Europe and the Middle East, writes: “One of the great thrills of working in the Europe-Middle East Church of God is seeing how many young leaders are emerging that are committed to stay with the Church of God in the future. Though the Three Worlds Leadership Network (3WLN), young pastors and others between the age of 20 and 45 that are working for the church can stay in contact with each other, do ministry together, and be a source of encouragement and synergy. At our latest 3WLN, our newest Pastor couple were Nick and Suellen Lovaglio.”

Click here to read Nick and Suellen’s full story over on the Three Worlds team blog.

Interesting in supporting 3WLN and its incredible ministry? 3WLN is one of Global Strategy’s year-end projects eligible for a matching gift. To learn more, click here.

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