Lisa KinjoSpecial Assignment Missionary to Japan

Her Ministry Focus

Lisa teaches English at Tamagawa Seigakuin. In addition to her weekly teaching responsibilities, she takes part in extracurricular school activities, such as supervising activities, coaching for contests, tutoring, and conversations with students. She participates in school chapel and other religious activities, as well as working with the local Church of God congregation.


Her Story

Since beginning her assignment Lisa has had the opportunity to visit two of the small encampments near the city of Onagawa, which was destroyed by the tsunami in 2011. The area remains devastated, with stretches of road still missing and entire towns still leveled to bare ground. Traveling there with a group from the local Church of God congregation, Lisa was able to present the people with a gift of one thousand prayer cranes through the Cranes of Hope mission project. It was a wonderful ministry experience, and she cannot wait to return and visit with the people there again.

Lisa was born and raised in Tipton, Indiana, and grew up in the Frankton First United Methodist Church. She earned a bachelor’s degree in the field of animation from the Illinois Institute of Art—Chicago. While in Chicago, Lisa made many friends from all over the world. She was the first American to join the school’s international club. Her love of the Japanese people was solidified through a close bond with her Japanese college roommate, her “ane-chan” (older sister), and during two visits to Japan, once as an exchange student and once to visit a friend’s family.

After college, Lisa returned to Indiana to care for her ailing grandmothers. During this time, her relationship with the Lord grew much deeper. Following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011, Lisa began a mission project called Cranes of Hope, with the help of her church family, to reach out to those hurting along the northeast coast of Japan. She has learned that God does fulfill the desires he places in your heart in his own time.

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